The book North West Rebellion Of 1885


The focus of this paper is to provide an essay that compares and contrasts the different approaches used by three authors in their books. The books focus on the history of Canada in regard to the North West Rebellion. The books have different approaches which bring out alternative perspectives from readers. The paper thus looks at the various approaches and conclusions used in each book so as to determine their stance on the matter at hand.

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The book North West Rebellion Of 1885
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Flanagan, Thomas. 2000. Riel and the rebellion: 1885 reconsidered. Toronto: University of Toronto Press

Thomas Flanagan is one of the monumental writers whose work has contributed considerably to the growth of the country[1]. Most of the books he has written are dedicated to the history of Canada from the time of its inception. Riel and rebellion is one of the books that look into the North West Rebellion and its outcome on the present dynamics of present Canada. Riel and the rebellion is one of the recent interpretations of the historical event that took place in 1885[2]. This factor alone differentiates the approach the writer takes on explaining the essential aspects of the North West Rebellion. Introduction of the book sees the writer present the events that took place during the rebellion. This is essential for the proper understanding of the book and Canadian history in general. One of the essential factors that the writer relays is the controversy of the topic. The North West rebellion is one of the pivotal events that took place in the history of northern America. At the centre of the war was Louis Riel who acted as the leader of his community. This was a time that colonialists were still strategizing their locations in the land and thus undermined the presence of the native groups in the area[3]. The title of the book alone displays the significance and contribution of Riel in the fight of the dignity and honour of his people. The writer provides the basic information of the commencement of the colonization of the local community. This introduction assists the writer to come up with the main thesis of the book. The thesis is ideal for the proper understanding of the contents of the book which bring out the thoughts of the writer. Flanagan approaches the book from a different point of view compared to his fellow writers. One of the significant approaches is seen in the way the writer provides his own opinion of the events that took place. He ensures that the introduction of the books forms a considerable amount of controversy. This controversy is brought about by his opposing and proposing of the legitimacy of some of the events that occurred. This is done to make people think outside the box as opposed to using information. The residents in the area composed of the people of prairie, white settlers, the Métis and the native Indians[4].  The white settlers were at the forefront of the leaders making the other communities work to enhance their superiority. This left some of the communities like the Indians at a disadvantage due to the amount of racism, oppression and displacement that they were accustomed to. Riel thus took it upon himself to rally his fellow clansmen so as to fight for their independence. This resulted to the formation of a series of rebellions that changed the dynamics of the country. The writer provides the factors that Riel faced before and after the events came into place. Flanagan suggests that the Riel had no choice but to resort to rebellion owing to the lack of concern by the government. This rebellion was a reflection of the division between the different groups in the country at the time[5]. The fights between the English and the French, the native Indians, the French, English and the Métis were the main cause of the North West Rebellion. The writer thus forms the conclusion that the rebellion was unavoidable[6].  The book tackles all the situations that took place before and after the war. This gives an outline of the entire event which is essential for the proper understanding of the country’s history.The approach of the book influences the conclusion that the author makes. The main conclusion places emphasis on the mismanagement of the government as the principle cause of the war. This has generated an enormous controversy to date. It has also led to the debates amongst affected parties in the war who defined the dynamics of the present Canada[7].

Beal, Bob, and R. C. Macleod. Prairie Fire: The 1885 North-West Rebellion. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1994.

Prairie Fire is one of the books dedicated to the historic events that led to the North West Rebellion. The book is based on the different factors that led to the rebellions at the time. Written by Beal and Macleod, the book looks at the key figures that influenced the dynamics that changed the history of the world forever. The book is published in 1994 which varies fairly from Flanagan’s Riel and Rebellion. The writers have a more traditional approach in that the content is limited in controversy as opposed to the former. Prairie Fire documents the events in the city of Prairie that housed the communities that took part in the war. The book dedicates a significant amount of explanations on the history of Prairie before the unfolding of the war. The North American rebellion defined the effects of the colonization of the native communities in the country[8]. At the forefront of the war were the native Indians and the Métis who were under the rule and authority of the white imperialists. The book is credited for the provision of one of the most accurate accounts of the North American Rebellion to date. One of the factors that set the book apart from the other history books is the approach it takes on the war. The writers used their careers as journalist and historians respectively to derive the information for the content of the book. The analysis is thus made from a professional point of view as opposed to that of personal[9]. The main theme presents the features of the war in relation to the communities that were involved in the war. This acts as an adequate introduction to the events that transpire from the beginning of the war to the formation of treaties. Prairie fire is a rendition that places its main focus on being true to the reality that came with the war[10]. This interpretation is thus received well by the general public who appreciate the point of view of the writers. As stated earlier, the book is less controversial compared to Flanagan’s, Riel and the Rebellion. This is owed to different forms of approach that seek to gauge a different form of reaction from their readers. One of the significant factors to note is the interpretation of the end result of the book. Beal and Macleod look at the war from the perspectives of the antagonist and the protagonist. This gives the readers a chance to develop an understanding of the situation of the different communities at the time. The location of the war is one of the main focuses of the book due to its centrality. The Prairie, therefore, acts as a focal point in terms of the reasons and the effects of the war.[11] The conclusion of the book is thus geared towards finding out the way forward for the country.

Sprague, Douglas Neil, and Thomas Berger. Canada and the Métis, 1869-1885. Waterloo [Canada]: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press, 1988.

The North West rebellion has generated a significant amount of attention by Canadian authors.  Sprague and Berger are one of the authors who used their knowledge of the country’s history to educate their readers. The authors of Canada and the Métis look at the events of the North American war from the approach of the Métis community. The war affected the entire country in more ways than one. This is due to the involvement of all the communities who called the Prairie their home. It is essential to note that Métis belongs to a group that traced their roots from the aboriginals[12]. This placed them in a different category from the ruling society which comprised of the British and the French. The Métis were also in close with the native Indians who had prior claim to the country. The writers explain the position of the Métis and their relationship with the rest of the communities. This forms the premise of the arguments made in the book in regard to the events that transpired during the war. The book has a different approach compared to the two alternative books. This is seen through the writers’ emphasis on the Métis as opposed to the native Indians or the location of the war which is the Prairie. The introduction of the book sees the explanation of the history of the community. The writers mention that the merits are a community that arose from the mixture of different societies. This explains their significance in their social arrangement in the country at the time. The Métis were promised a considerable amount of land and property by the colonial British government. These promises were not met making the community feel betrayed by those in authority[13]. The group served as one of the communities who lost their lands at the hands of the Canadian government. This is also one of the key aspects that formed the creation of alliances against the white imperialists. According to Sprague and Berger, the war comprised of the involvement of the French, British, the Indian natives and the Métis[14]. The book, however, tells the story from the side of the Métis. This gives the readers a different perspective from that of different books which take on different approaches. A look at Flanagan’s, Riel and the rebellion and Beal and Macleod’s Prairie fire showcase the different approaches and themes that are presented in regard to the war. Riel and the rebellion look at Louise Riel who was a major contributor to the events of the war[15]. Riel represents the natives Indians who also faced the same situations as the Métis in that they were considered second to the Europeans. Flanagan thus forms his premise from the reaction of the Indians to their colonizers. The book thus gives the Indians more credit in terms of their role and significance to war and its outcome. Beal and Macleod’s Prairie fire, on the other hand, form their main argument from the perspective of all the communities in the Prairie. The Prairie is a location in North West Canada that acts as home to different communities as a result of constant migration. All communities, in this case, had different grievances that sort to create divisions amongst themselves. These grievances were met depending on the position of the community in the country. The communities at the bottom of the pyramid faced an enormous amount of oppression from the communities in high ranking positions. This created a bridge between the countries threatening its unity. The rebellion is thus a reflection of the lack of regard for the demands of the oppressed communities such as the Indians and the Métis. The writers focus on the effects of the city which was faced with colossal destruction as a result of the war. This forms the basis of the inspiration for the book whose conclusion is based on the effects of the war[16].  Beal and Macleod’s Canada and the Métis differ from the two books in terms of the approach[17]. The book looks at the significance of the Métis community as a major factor in the rebellion. This gives the reader an alternative point of view making the conclusion differ from the two books. The conclusion formed in Canada and the Métis is based on the approach of the writers. The book concludes that the Métis are one of the key communities in the cause of the rebellion. This gives them a special place in the change of dynamics of the country which had to embrace the rights and privileges of all the communities in present[18].


The North West rebellion is one of the pivotal events in the history of the country. There are several reasons for the cause and effects of the war. These reasons have varying levels of significance depending on the approach of the writer. A number of books have been dedicated to the North West rebellion due to the essentiality it relays[19]. The war continues to generate a considerable amount of response from the Canadian nationals. The events of the rebellion are responsible for present Canada. This goes to show that the loss of lives of the people affected by the war were not in the vein[20]. The focus on the topic by different authors displays the vital nature of rebellions. This, in turn, continues to educate the current community on the history of the country from the time of its formation. The analysis of the rebellion is thus ideal in that it seeks to educate readers on the history that shaped the dynamics of the new world.



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